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Westridge Benefits Services

Employee Benefits Services

Designing a customized employee benefits plan means we look at your business goals, corporate culture, employment trends and regulations to create solutions that supports your vision and employee experience.

Our Employee Benefits Services Include:

Employee Benefits Consulting

to help you navigate regulatory and employment trends impacting your industry and workplace dynamics.

Employee Benefits Plan Designs

tailored to your specific needs, built with products from our top tier providers.

Employee Benefits Plan Implementation

guiding the co-ordination, communication, launch and assessment of your employee benefits program.

Employee Benefits Plan Communication

and Marketing to help you align your employee experience and branding with your corporate positioning.

Employee Benefits Plan Renewal

evaluating your claims, negotiating on your behalf with insurance carriers, monitoring trends, workforce demographics to keep your plan aligned with your goals.

Employee Benefits Plan Analysis

to review your current plan in search of cost savings and opportunities to enhance protection of your employees.

Employee Benefits Cost Analysis

and Containment that modifies your plan without sacrificing coverage.

Employee Benefits Claims Resolution

to help you find positive and harmonious outcomes for your company and your employees.

Employee Benefits Management Support

to help you find ways to administer your plan smoothly and efficiently

Key Person Life Insurance/Buy Sell Life insurance

to protect the loss of a business owner or strategically critical employee.

Our Business Insurance Services

We support growth by mitigating the risk that may threaten your success. Westridge Benefits will look at your whole business and identify those areas that are most vital for you to protect.

Our Business Insurance Services Include:

General Liability Insurance

covers risks of a physical nature such as bodily injuries and property damage.

Buy/sell life insurance

clarify transferring shares on retirement, disability, death, bankruptcy or marriage breakdown

Business Insurance

to mitigate your personal financial exposure in the event of a loss.

Commercial Property Insurance

to protect equipment, signage, inventory, and furniture.

Directors Liability Insurance

to protect the personal assets of your company’s corporate directors and officers, and their spouses, if there is litigation.

Key Person Life Insurance

to protect the loss of a business owner or strategically critical employee.

Fleet Insurance

for vehicles used in a business, not personal use. Delivery vehicles, company cars, employee vehicles used on business activities are all protected.

Contractor’s Insurance
combines commercial general liability, commercial building, property, equipment, and commercial automobile insurance to cover all vulnerable areas.
Professional Liability Insurance

protects against negligence claims coming from mistakes or failure to perform.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

protects your business from lawsuits while ensuring your employees have compensation for on-the-job injuries.

Business Interruption Insurance

protects for lost income during a disruption to the normal business operations. Especially important for retail and manufacturing.

Data Breach Insurance

to protect financial interests in the event of data loss or cyber security attack.

Personal Insurance

protecting you and your family from losses that would be financially damaging – so you can live life without worry.

Achieve all of your life goals by ensuring your most valuable business assets, personal assets and estate are protected.

Some of our personal insurance services include:

Life Insurance

to protect yourself, your loved ones – and even to grow your wealth.

Home and Auto Insurance

to protect two of your most expensive assets.

Mortgage life Insurance

protect your family if you become unable to continue to make mortgage payments.

Health Insurance

for medical expenses not covered by government healthcare plans.

Disability Insurance

to cover you financially if you become disabled or need ongoing medical care.

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